CINETIX Telecom Solutions was established in 2003 by a team of skilled managers in Information Technology and Electronics engineers, applied to Telecommunications systems. Relying on the competences and originality of the company solutions, CINETIX TLC quickly becomes the leading supplier of the main Italian fixed line provider, Telecom Italia, starting an ongoing and profitable partnerships.

The key to this success is a deep knowledge of our customer’s needs and operative processes, with whom the company always establish an important relationship of trust, collaboration and daily support.

CINETIX Telecom Solutions is a modern Italian company, which always provides innovative and customizable solutions to face the challenges of the complex market in which it operates.

The collaboration with the Engineering Departments of the University of Padua, Trento and other important technology partners, allows it to create an innovative and always “up-to-date” offer.

The customers are mainly Telephone Operators, Companies, Public Enterprises and Institutions operating in the management and/or maintenance of network infrastructures. Telecom Italia has been the leading customer since the foundation of the company, enabling us to develop many important projects.

Some of our Customers:

• Telecom Italia • Italtel • Telefonica de Espana • Anritsu • British Telecom • Netscout • Vodafone UK • Astellia • Enel • Empirix • Poste Italiane • Nexus • Sirti • Tektronix • H3G • Oracle • Wind • Resi • …