Traffic monitoring and analysis

Our competences on a wide range of communication protocols allow Cinetix Telecom Solutions to design solutions tailored on customers’ needs to solve traffic monitoring and network diagnostic issues for fixed and mobile infrastructures.

Our installed base includes several type of Network Traffic Monitoring systems:

  • traffic monitoring systems in TDM networks, with more than 7000 E1 streams carrying SS7 signaling;
  • traffic monitoring systems for VOIP networks, using SIP, H323 or proprietary signaling;
  • diagnostic and reporting systems, for quality analysis, troubleshooting, accounting and billing;

Each system can be integrated with Data provided by other sources, it is possible to integrate Business Intelligence tools such as QlikView to improve the effectiveness of the data analysis.

A new interesting application is the Video Quality Analysis tool, a video quality measurements system, which enable Service Providers and Telecom Operators to test the quality of the video services transmitted through the Telecommunication network.