Network Taps and Packet Brokers for mobile and fixed networks

We are experts in the development of Access Solutions for fixed and mobile Networks, which allow a non-intrusive and safe connection of monitoring equipment such as Probes, Analyzers and Security Systems to the Network.

During our twenty-years-experience, we have understand that Network Operators need vendor-independent Access Solutions, non-intrusive and non-critical, to interface monitoring devices.

We provide an all-around support to our customers: from the first supervision at the customers’ operating site, which also includes the measurement of the signal power of the links, to the estimate, based on the customer’s requirements, of the number of Probes that will be used for monitoring. With this information we can define the architecture of the access system, then install and test it, ensuring life-time support and maintenance.

We integrate the products of Microtel Innovation (a Cinetix Group company) to provide the best solutions for Tapping, Filtering and Aggregation. So, thanks to our deep knowledge of installed systems, we can guarantee the reliability and durability of our solutions.

Microtel Innovation also includes in its portfolio Ethernizer, a special protocol converter to monitor TDM links using IP-only probes. It’s a one-of-a-kind product, able to do the protocol conversion from SS7 to Sigtran.